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Flat Panel Speakers

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sw5500 opened img
sw5500 front img
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Compact audio speaker SW5500-SS


All in one compact audio speaker that is built-in FPS Flat panel speakers and compact stereo amplifier. Easy to use.

  • 100-240V AC adapter included (it can use any countries).

Made in Japan


■Package contents

・Built-in amp and speaker

・Audio cable 3.5 mm mini plug


■ Main specifications

・Dimensions: 142 mm x 125 mm x 35 mm

・Adapter power :DC12V

・Amplifier: 20W stereo digital amplifier built-in

・Speakers: Flat speaker SWS0304N (12 cells) x 2 pcs, made by FPS INC.(former name Sonic window Co.,Ltd.)

・Frequency response: 150Hz-16KHz

・Impedance: 6ohm

・Weight (body) : 560g


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 31 x 19 x 17 cm


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