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Flat Panel Speakers


FS-01MNK Slim box speaker

¥ 18,050

Slim box speaker is very easy to use. Just connect with mini-amp.

300 in stock


Slim Box Speaker is the compact speaker that incorporates the line-array type unit FPS-C0104MN10Ⅷ. It has attracted attention because it is be able to output sufficient volume while being a compact body. It is easy to use.



Product name / Model name FS-01MNK
Type Slim box type linearray speaker
Speaker Unit Slim linearray unit x 1pcs
Rated Impedance 8ohm
Rated Input 10W constantly (Max.20W moment peak)
Sound Pressure Level 83db
Frequency Range 260Hz-13kHz
Input Connector Cable straight out
Cabinet ABS (FV0) FR-500
Hanging Point M5 hole x4 (depth untill 5mm)
Dimensions W239.5mm x H25.7mm x D55.7mm
Weight 220g
Color Black




Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg

Country of origin

This product is, made in our China factory.


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