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Flat Panel Speakers


Nanatuuli 2ch speaker

¥ 280,083

The “nanatuuli” speaker boxes are made from birch wood that has been carefully selected by woodworkers of luxury furniture manufacturer of the Hida Takayama (Japan), and it is assembled one by one carefully by the hands of craftsmen. It will not deform even after using 10 years.

Made in Japan

2 pairs 1set. Speaker cable included.


This product built in FPS1010 flat panel speaker, FPS speakers can replay the original sounds that cone speakers cannot replay, for example, the sound of fingers during contact of guitar strings, breathing that using the lead of woodwind instruments.

You can hear almost real sounds of recording environment kept, the musicians are often surprised by its real sounds.

It is not tiring of a long time listening, and you can enjoy Hi-resolution sounds with FPS speakers live sound.



Model name nanatuuli01
Type MCMA Flat panel speaker system
Speaker unit FPS1010M3R1
Frequency response 90Hz – 18kHz
SPL 86dB±3dB
Rated Input 25W constantly (Max.50W moment peak)
Rated Impedance
Dimensions W 32.4 cm x H 20.2 cm x D 24.2 cm
Weight 3.5kg
Input connector Gold-plated binding post
Cabinet Birch wood



hana iwa2 kusasuna


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 46 x 35 x 27 cm

Country of origin

Handmade in Japan


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