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Flat Panel Speakers


fs-1 PREMIUM 2.2ch speaker


This high-grade Plane Wave Speaker Systems are made from the piano wood material.

  • FPS1030M3F1R edge free transducer inside


Set included:

2 speakers (L, R ch),  2 subwoofers (L, R ch),  Crossover Network.

Made in Japan


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High Recommend speaker


This product made from piano wood, and it is built-in FPS1030 flat panel speaker. FPS speakers can replay the original sounds that cone speakers cannot replay, for example, the sound of fingers during contact of guitar strings, breathing that using the lead of woodwind instruments.

You can hear almost real sounds of recording environmental kept, the musicians are often surprised by its real sounds.

It is not tiring of a long time listening, and you can enjoy Hi-resolution sounds with FPS speakers live sound.




Model name Speaker : fs‐1
Subwoofer : fsw‐1
Type 2 way Open air type (unboxed) fs-1 + subwoofer (phase inversion type) fsw‐1
Impedance 8Ω (min.4Ω) (20kHz)
Rated Input 60W constantly
Max. Input 120W moment peak
Sensitivity 80dB/2.83V/m
Frequency response 60Hz-20kHz
Crossover frequency 6kHz (subwoofer supports under 140Hz)
Speaker units ・Tweeter :  MCMA flat speaker(12 cells)*1pcs
・Low-Mid range : MCMA flat speaker (300cells) FPS1030M3F1R*2pcs
・Woofer : 13cm cone speaker *1pcs
Weight Speakers : 6.9kg
Subwoofers : 6.6kg
Dimensions Speakers : W51.5cm x H112.3cm x D30cm
Subwoofers :   W39.6cm x H30.3cm x D26.4cm







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Weight 35 kg


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