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Flat Panel Speakers

fp-200hwfp-200hbfp-200 with standfp-200hb frontfp-200hb sidefp-200hb thicknessfp-200hwfp-200hw thickness
fp-200 with stand
fp-200hb front
fp-200hb side
fp-200hb thickness
fp-200hw thickness

Outdoor small speaker FP-200


  • Using customized transducer developed for station (another type of 1010)
  • Precise & targeted transmission
  • High intelligibility
  • Minimal signal feedback
  • Superior volume level with consistency over distance
  • Outdoor use ready
  • High reliability of the proven experience and track record

There are 2 models (HB,HW only high impedance type).



Reference Polar



These speakers installed a lot of stations in JR(Japan Railway) platform for an announcement.



FP-200HB FP-200HW
Type H: High Impedance H: High Impedance
B: Box type (1 side) W: Double side (2 side)
Speaker configuration MCMA flat speaker FPS1010M3R4* (100 cells) x 2 pcs (R4 is developed for station custom unit)
Impedance 500Ω(20W)/ 1kΩ(10W)/ 1.33kΩ(7.5W)/ 2kΩ(5W)
Input 20W / 10W / 7.5W / 5W
SPL 91dB/W/m
Frequency range 330Hz – 12kHz
Directional characteristics Vertical 160℃, Horizontal 60℃ (2kHz -6dB average)
Input connector 1.5m length cable straight out (6 pin)
White: COM, Black: 20W , Brown: 10W , Red: 7.5W , Yellow : 5W , Green : NC
Material Frame: ALP/SECC
Under paint: Powder coating
Surface paint: Acrylic
Mounting bracket: SUS t2.0
Cabinet: PCABS resin
Frame: ALP / SECC
Under paint: powder coating
Surface paint: Acrylic
Mounting bracket: SUS t2.0
Waterproof level IPX5
Dimensions W350×H297×D60 mm (including bracket, not including eyebolts) W350×H297×D169.5 mm (including bracket, not including eyebolts)
Weight including bracket 4.3kg 4.5kg
Color Black (N-1 semi-gloss)






Additional information

Weight 6-6.5 kg
Dimensions 35 x 30 x 20 cm
Speaker type

HB type (1side High impedance), HW type (2side High impedance)


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