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Flat Panel Speakers


Attache case speaker FPS-007MC


  • Portable attache case type of wireless speaker system
  • Body 4kg, Thickness 85mm slim designed 50W stereo high power and clear sound
  • Low howling margin, clear voice when using mic
  • Less sound attenuation by distance, since it is using MCMA plane wave technology of flat speaker
  • Outdoor use OK
  • Wireless mic attached

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The portable attache case typed flat panel speaker system

It looks like an attache case, but it is built in speaker system, you can use a wireless microphone with it, and the power amp, wireless tuner, wireless microphone, high power compact speaker included in this set as ALL IN ONE wireless system.

You can use it for inside or outside of the room that its usage very wide.

Our Japanese customers using it as for example monk business “sutra”, morning gymnastics, morning assembly, an indication of the worker at the factory, and presentation etc.




Model name FPS-007MC
Body Aluminum trunk case
Speaker Rated Input 40W (Max.50W)
Amplifier Stereo 50W digital amp
Frequency 250Hz-20kHz
Dimensions W41.4cm x H29.8cm x D8.5cm
Weight 4kg
Set contents Power amp built-in, Wireless microphone, 300MHz wireless tuner unit built-in, AC adapter, shoulder case bag, and keys.
Optional(sold separately) Wired mic, battery, battery charger



Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 41.4 x 8.5 x 29.8 cm


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