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Pipeline+Subwoofer SET – PL-12+PL-SWB


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PL-12 speaker + Box shaped subwoofer PL-SWB set.

Best seller product

Made in Japan

Good Design, Trendy looks

  • It doesn’t need optional accessories such as J/H, B/P
  • It could be PL speakers stand by itself.
  • Easy to install



Product name / Model name Pipeline Speaker PL-12 Subwoofer PL-SWB
Type Full range single amp driven
Speaker Unit MCMA flat transducer (FPS0212M7R5 (24 cells) x 12 pcs) 25 cm cone speaker x 1
Rated Impedance
Permissible Input 90W constantly (Max.180W) 200W (Max.400W)
Sound Pressure Level 88db/W/m 93db/W/m
Frequency Range 140Hz-20kHz 30Hz-500Hz
Directional Characteristics Vertical 0, Horizontal 110 (4kHz-3dB) Omni
Input Connector NL4MP (Neutrik) NL4MP (Neutrik) 1±2±
Output Connector NL4MP (Neutrik) 1±
Cabinet Aluminium Wood
Hanging Point φ3/8 inch nut plate hole (up&bottom) Upside hole: φ76mm
Dimensions φ7.5cm x 179cm 356 x 386 x 381 mm
Weight 6kg 15kg
Color Black, Silver
(The Munsell approximate color:
Black : N1 medium gloss
Silver : Aluminum Alumite processing medium gloss)
Black, Silver




Note: *This product needs installation and acoustic DSP settings by professionals (Because of the PL and the subwoofers are different type of speaker, especially rising time and feeling sound speed difference. We recommend to setting delay for subwoofers.)


Guide to the optional accessories:

  • If you want to use it to fix with the wall (Only speaker): You need to buy bracket L-170 (optional accessory).
  • If you want to use it to set with the wall (Speaker + Subwoofer): You need to buy bracket F-250 (optional accessory).
  • If you want to use baseplate under it: You need to buy baseplate B/P ( optional accessory) *Box shaped subwoofer SWB doesn’t need it.
  • If you use jointly with Subwoofer*: You need to buy joint holder J/H (optional accessory) *Box shaped subwoofer SWB doesn’t need it.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg

Black, Silver


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