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Transducer with punching cover FPS0204M7R3


8 cells of MCMA Flat Panel Speaker with covered punching metal type

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FPS flat speakers with covered punching metal type.

Usage example: Our customers have used this speaker for as a hands-free speaker when they’re enjoying on cycle touring that using embedded in their backpack. There are various ways to use depending on your idea.

  • Unique MCMA construction places the voice coil on the diaphragm for immediate transient response
  • Extremely slim design with full range output from 160Hz to 20kHz
  • Perfect for space-limited OEM applications
  • Planar wave launch for focused output that travels further than a radial wave launch of a conventional speaker
  • Great for building super slim column line array speakers



Product Name FPS0204M7R3
Type MCMA (Multi Cell Microtransducer Array) Flat Speaker unit
Rated Input 5W (MAX10W)
Rated Impedance
Frequency Characteristics 160Hz-20kHz
SPL 77dB±3dB/W/m
Dimensions W46mm x H87mm x D12mm
Weight 54g
Cold/Heat Resistance -30℃ to +70℃
Humidity Resistance 40℃, 90-95%
RoHS All parts compliant with RoHS



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