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Dolphin 2.1ch speaker


Just connect to your TV

<L,R ch speakers + Subwoofer + Amplifier>


These dolphin speakers are very cute and replay high-quality sounds.

  • FPS0212 inside

Easy to use for home users.

  • All in one speaker system

<L,R ch speakers + Subwoofer + Amplifier>


This product built in FPS0212 flat panel speaker, FPS speakers can replay the original sounds that cone speakers cannot replay, for example, the sound of fingers during contact of guitar strings, breathing that using the lead of woodwind instruments.

You can hear almost real sounds of recording environmental situations, the musicians are often surprised by its real sounds.

It is not tiring of a long time listening, and you can enjoy Hi-resolution sounds with FPS speakers live sound.



〈Speaker part〉
Speaker FPS0212 MCMA™Transducer
Subwoofer 10.5cm cone speaker
Flat speaker size W18cm  x H25cm x D1.8cm
Weight 0.5kg
〈Amplifier part〉
Output 5w+5w(1kHz.6Ω )
Subwoofer 15w(100Hz,6 Ω)
Frequency response 70Hz-22kHz(w/subwoofer)
AC power 100w/AC
Amp size W25cm x H23cm x D14cm
Weight 3.5kg



*Shown Illust is the 200V type of amplifier. Currently, this type is out stock, it takes a few months for backorder.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 26 × 27 cm

100-110V (for Japan), 220-240V countries


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